Pilot your Data Analytics initiatives with 3X3 POV Programme

3 Use Cases + 3 Training Sessions (Python + ML) + 3 Analytics Templates

Today, many organizations are evaluating solutions for data science and process data analytics under its digital transformation initiative. The industry is in an exploration phase due to the complexity involved. It needs lot of prerequisites before implementing any of these strategies and becomes cumbersome to roll-out to the larger group. The most important gap is in the combination of skillsets, right vision and collaborative approach. Tridiagonal Solutions, through its Pilot-Guided Analytics Framework help organizations to move from R&D / exploratory phase to implementation and analytics excellence stage in a methodical way. Our 3X3 Proof of Value (POV) programme is designed to meet the objectives right from the strategy definition to proof of concepts and execution experience; working with our experts.

Determine (0.5 Weeks)

Our Domain + Data Science experts will engage with your Process / Plant / Maintenance, Data Science / Analytics and IT team to understand the processes & challenges and discover data analytics need / Use cases. The detail execution and ROI details will be set-up along with responsibility matrix.

Proof of Value Use Cases (4-5 Weeks)

We will work on the identified three (3) Use cases. The prerequisites in terms of the data requirements (signals/tags/volume, etc.), process details, data modeling & analytics objectives will be finalized. The use case can be worked on the Off-line / On-line data, provided the customer give an access to the data /analytics environment. We will submit the analytics outputs and ROI reports to the teams.

Training on Process (Time-Series) Data Analytics (1 Week)

Upskilling is a key element of implementing data science and analytics projects. As a part of 3X3 POV programme, we will train the customer’s teams on the Use cases along with the best practices on time-series (process) data – Methods, Approaches, Solutions. The training can be customized as per the requirement of customers for Advanced analytics, for e.g. Python-based training on data analytics / modeling, provided the team has relevant background. Furthermore, the recommendations on deployment solutions will be provided to the customers, which can be further extended to evaluation support, etc.

Python-based Analytics Templates (1 Week)

Our team of Domain + Data science experts have codified few of the underlying analytics /ML templates for quick reuse and application in data analytics projects. As a part of 3X3 POV programmes, the customer will get 3 such templates. The customer can pick and choose from the following templates:
• Data Contextualization
• Advanced Statistical Methods (EDA)
• ML Methods/ Algorithms for Levels of Analytics-
--Root Cause Analysis – PCA, PLS, PCR
--Probability Inference
--Statistical limits / fingerprints
--Soft-sensor modeling
--Advanced Visualization (Scree plots, Correlation Circle, Hoteling T2 plots, etc.)
--Advanced Modeling Scripts – Random forest, SVM, ANN, etc.

POV Programme Benefits

POV programme is the fastest way to scale your data analytics initiatives in an optimum Cost / Time / Teams involved. Following are the key benefits:
• 3 Use cases on your own data and business problems, showcasing potential ROIs
• Training on Process (time-series) data analytics with best practices and methods, approaches, solutions
• 3 Analytics Templates for application of data analytics on other projects
• Roadmap/Deployment guidance on the roll-out plan
• Recommendations on Analytics Platform/ Solution -with evaluation criteria

For more details on the programme and commercial details, please contact us on analytics@tridiagonal.com

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