Proof of Value Programme

Move your Data Science and Analytics initiatives from R&D to Implementation Stage

Today, many organizations are evaluating solutions for data science and process data analytics under its digital transformation initiative. The industry is in an exploration phase due to the complexity involved. It needs lot of prerequisites before implementing any of these strategies. For e.g., it starts with Data -its availability, quality, to selection of right use cases / applications and deployable analytics methods. The most important gap is in the combination of skillsets, right vision and collaborative approach. Tridiagonal Solutions, through its Pilot-Guided Analytics Framework help organizations to move from R&D / exploratory phase to implementation and analytics excellence stage in a methodical way. Our ‘Proof of Value (POV)’ programme is designed to meet the objectives right from strategy definition to proof of concepts and execution experience, working with our experts.

Why ‘Proof of Value (POV)’:  POV programme is an ideal way to identify the data analytics need, define ROI-based objectives, evaluate before/after scenarios, experience the data analytics solution environment, upskill data science/ analytics techniques & its benefits, and finally devise analytics transformation strategy with tactical roll-out plan.

It follows following four stages:



Pilot Guided Analytics framework instigate the need of data analytics and an approach to unlock the data to create meaning value / insights. It starts by understanding existing data aggregation / extraction methods, discovering analytics need(s), visualizing data with analytics lenses for different KPIs

Build & Test

Once the need is determined, the framework enables the ROI-based evaluation of data analytics solution. The Use case-based approach helps the customer to work on actual data of its plants and perform and visualize analytics as per the end objectives defined. This stage also enables upskilling of different teams (data enggs, IT, data scientists, process/ operations teams) into data analytics space. The best-practices into data (aggregation, cleansing, selection), data-driven modeling methods, and KPI-based visualization & collaboration is established at the end of this phase.


The execution of use cases on actual data primes the business case for investment into Data science and analytics. It summarizes the overall needs, scale-up and roll-out plans for different plants, assets, processes, etc. The Analytics culture gets inculcated with ‘Analytics Champions’ being developed in each team for successful realization of ROI. A ROI report shall be published for management review.


Once the POV is establishes with a clear strategy (tactical).  The solution is industrialized and implemented across the enterprise. The data analytics solution becomes an integral part of production / IT eco-system.

Once POV programme is executed, we employ different business models to support scaling-up of Data Science and Data Analytics initiatives of the organizations across the globe. Following are few of the models:

Tridiagonal COE Models

Tridiagonal Solutions offers different engagement models for Center of Excellence (COE). The customers team can choose the model that best suits their objectives.

  • ROI-driven Model
  • Time and Material
  • Dedicated Center
  • Core & Flexible Team
  • Built Operate and Transfer (BOT):

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