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Chemical 4.0 Solutions and Implementation Partner

Tridiagonal Solutions Chemical 4.0 practice leverages Industry 4.0 tech stacks to implement Manufacturing Excellence and Digital Transformation solutions. We bring a combination of tools, techniques, expertise, and solutions to support various initiatives (such as APM, APC, Digital Twin, Remote monitoring, Sustainability, etc.) of our customers. We work with a strong partner ecosystem and its state-of-the-art solutions to deliver such programs. Furthermore, we also take ownership of delivery & post-implementation support, monitoring & reporting services to ensure the continued success of your digitalization initiatives.

We extend our 100+ man-years of core consulting know-how on various technologies and processes, validation experience (physical/digital), advanced modeling, data science, etc. to support fortune 500 customers globally. We have developed best practices, approaches, and methods to identify, create and successfully deploy value for our customers.

Our Chemical 4.0 Programs:

As a part of Chemical 4.0/ Industry 4.0 implementation, we act as an Owners consultant to assist/guide through the entire roadmap

Our Approach:

  • Evaluate Digital Readiness
  • Assessment of Data, underlying infrastructure, digital maturity, etc.
  • Identifying the gaps – Data, Infrastructure, skills, (digital) culture
  • Prioritization Matrix for Industry 4.0
  • Data acquisition / Integration (On Prem / Edge/ Cloud) and new data generation
  • Frameworks / Templatization for projects, like data analytics methods/ use cases
  • Evaluation & Implementation of state-of-the-art solutions for APC, APM, Digital twin, OTS, etc.
  • Ownership & Post implementation support (remote monitoring/reporting)


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The Roadmap to Chemical 4.0

Evaluate Digital Readiness:

The roadmap to Chemical 4.0 starts by doing the assessment studies of underlying infrastructure, auditing data for its availability, quality, consistency & completeness and overall digital maturity of the teams (production, process, maintenance, IT, etc.). The current workflows of data (for e.g. manual data logging, offline excel sheets for calculations, manual reporting, etc.) are understood for automation needs.

Identifying the gaps and Prioritization Matrix:

Once the data audit is done, the gaps in data requirements are identified; keeping in mind the end objectives such as predictive analytics, Critical KPI monitoring, Energy monitoring & Sustainability needs. The data generation through additional sensor deployment is identified. The data integration needs (Historians, Datalake, Cloud migration, etc.) are finalized. The prioritization matrix is prepared keeping the business objectives and the impact/ROI analysis. The roadmap for digital transformation with milestones is finalized with all the stakeholders.

Deploying the Right Use cases and Solutions:

The prioritization matrix gives the deployment roadmap and areas to focus on a short term, mid-term and long-term perspectives. The solutions are selected based-on the end objectives, end consumers of data analytics, scalability, adoption strategy.

For e.g.

  • Asset Performance Management (APM) – Condition-based monitoring, Predictive Maintenance, Real-time KPI-predictions, etc.
  • Advanced Process Control – To perform closed-loop implementations and automated process management
  • Energy Management
  • Process Safety
  • Remote monitoring of the entire plant.
  • Deriving Business KPIs
  • Futuristic use cases

Cultural Transformation and Upskilling

The success of Industry/Chemical 4.0 solutions depends on the people who are going to consume these solutions. The Culture transformation is an integral element of Chemical 4.0 deployments. Once the gaps in tools/skills are identified, we prepare a customized ‘Bridge the Gap’ program for upskilling the entire stakeholders. The upskilling is a continuous process along the entire process of digital transformation.

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