Life Sciences Digital Transformation & Execution Partner

Life science Industry aims to tackle challenges in people, processes, technology, and compliance

To navigate these challenges, Tridiagonal Solutions pioneers industry 4.0 practices by harnessing cutting-edge technologies for transformative Manufacturing Excellence and Digital Transformation specifically tailored for global Pharma/Biopharma manufacturing. 

Collaborating within a robust partner ecosystem, we deploy state-of-the-art solutions to drive these programs. Moreover, our commitment extends beyond implementation. We assume responsibility for end-to-end delivery, offering continuous post-implementation support, meticulous monitoring, and comprehensive reporting.

Partner for Sustained Digitalization Success!

Access an Exclusive Consultation Tailored for Pharma/Biopharma Innovators.
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Our Experience:

We apply 100+ years of combined expertise in technology consulting, validation, advanced modeling and data science. This empowers Fortune 500 clients globally, driving tangible results:

  • Improvement in yield by 10 to 12%
  • Reduction in batch variability by 43-47%
  • Batch cycle time optimized by 4 to 6%
  • 80-85% productivity surge through Gen AI
  • 2% reduction in energy consumption.

What Sets us Apart:

Our Approach:

  • Evaluate Digital Readiness
  • Assessment of Data, underlying infrastructure, digital maturity, etc.
  • Identifying the gaps – Data, Infrastructure, skills, (digital) culture
  • Prioritization Matrix for Industry 4.0 based on ROI
  • Data acquisition / Integration (On Prem / Edge/ Cloud) and new data generation
  • Frameworks / Templatization for projects, like data analytics methods/ use cases
  • Evaluation & Implementation of state-of-the-art solutions for APC, APM, Digital twin, OTS, etc.
  • Ownership & Post implementation support (remote monitoring/reporting)

What We do:

  • Dx-Ex Consulting 
  • IT-OT integration (Historian, Data integration and Engg, Data lake) 
  • Process Data analytics 
  • Advanced Analytics 
  • Process (control) Optimization (APC, AI-PC) 
  • Energy Optimization (PEMS, Opex based Scope 1& 2) 
  • Process Simulations (Steady state/Dynamic OTS) 
  • Data Science (NLP/Image analytics) Generative AI (Expert systems)