Reducing the Downtime by Managing Your Assets Better!

Date & Time:

23rd June 2021 @ 11 am CT  |  9:30 pm IST

24th June 2021 @ 10 am CET  |  1:30 pm IST

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Asset Performance Management

In order to remain competitive in the era of constantly shrinking profit margins, organizations are finding it increasingly important to embrace the state-of-the art digital solutions. It is no longer a secret that downtimes are a major reason behind production losses, and around 45% of the total downtimes are caused by mechanical failures.

All of this has culminated in the organizations taking their operating assets a lot more seriously than ever before. The entire focus has shifted from reactive or condition-based maintenance to predictive maintenance. However, the performance of an asset is almost always impacted by the processes running around it. Hence, it becomes imperative to take a holistic view while one is observing the behavior of an asset. What could be more useful than knowing when an asset is likely to fail weeks or even months in advance, thus giving the organization sufficient time to avoid the breakdown?

In what is broadly termed as an "Asset Performance Management (APM)", we essentially strive to maximize the availability and utilization of your assets. By doing so, you can run your operations without any hiccups, and be assured that any unplanned downtimes do not eat away a big chunk of your revenues.

In this e-Meet, our experts will be discussing the problems that are relevant to the industry with the help of case studies. They will also be suggesting the state-of-the-art solutions of Industry-4.0 in order to address these issues sustainably!

Who should attend:

  • Process R&D Heads
  • Production / Operations Head
  • Maintenance Heads
  • Plant heads
  • Technology leaders
  • Data Science leaders
  • Data Analysts

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