Driving Profits through Sustainability: Part-1: Energy

Date & Time:

15th April 2021 @ 9 am to 10 am CDT

16th April 2021 @ 12 pm to 1 pm CEST

Energy consumption contributes to a major operating expense for the Chemical Process Industry, especially for the petrochemical companies and refineries. It is interesting to note that, as the plant capacities are increasing to meet the rising demands of the population, the profit margins are shrinking continuously. While the efforts are targeted mainly towards improving the equipment designs, surprisingly enough, such is not the case when it comes to energy savings that happen to be the invisible sinks for your profit!

A less-than-optimal use of energy is partly due to the age of the existing plants; however, it could be largely attributed to the lack of awareness of the existing opportunities and the ways of evaluating them. An encouraging aspect of this is that, many of the potential areas of such savings are common to all the industries, and so are the solutions. E.g. an efficient maintenance of a boiler could lead to a reduction in fuel consumption and enhance the throughput (Figure 1). Similarly, if the inlet temperature of the furnace is increased by 1˚C, the energy duty could be reduced by 1.5 to 2%. These numbers really start to make a lot of sense at the actual scales of operation. E.g. for a typical modern ammonia plant, the global average energy consumption is in the range of 34-45 GJ/ton of ammonia, as against the best operating plant that consumes 32 GJ/ton of ammonia. Thus it is evident that, there are enough opportunities for saving the energy consumption, which would translate into huge savings and reduced payback periods, even if tapped only partially. Now that we know the picture is rosy, do we have tools to paint it? We certainly do!

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In this webinar, we demonstrate with the help of case studies, how the power of Process Simulations and Data Analytics could be harnessed to arrive at the cost effective and profit making solutions. The problems chosen are common and most relevant to the Chemical Process Industry, and the solutions are simple and equally implementable.

About the Speakers:

Dr. Ameya Durve leads the Advanced Process Solutions group at Tridiagonal. He has been consulting the Chemical Process Industry on complex engineering problems for almost 10 years. He has worked extensively with the Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical and Specialty chemicals Industry. His area of expertise includes process optimization, heat integration, reactor engineering and scale-up. 

Dr. Tushar Tamhane has completed his Doctoral Studies from the Institute of Chemical Technology (formerly UDCT), Mumbai and is part of Advanced Process Solutions group at Tridiagonal. He has a decade's experience in Process Engineering, and has actively worked on projects from refinery, fertilizer and chlor-alkali industries. He has a special interest in sustainability, scale-up, improvement and troubleshooting of industrial equipment and processes.

Who should attend:

  • Production / Operations Head
  • Plant heads
  • Technology leaders
  • Process R&D Heads
  • Sustainability Leaders

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